Saturday, December 9, 2017

Our December Featured Studio

Our Featured Studio of December is Home of Yoga New Farm in Queensland, Australia! We are so pleased to represent Kerri McCubben’s beautiful space. It is a spiritual and special place dedicated to the unification of yoga, holistic health and consciousness. More than 25 classes per week are led by a variety of world-class practitioners, and classes cater to all levels, from beginner to long term dedicated practitioners. This unique, refreshing space offers an exciting opportunity to clear the mind and transform the body and soul to an energetic vibrant life. At Home of Yoga, there is emphasis on community, togetherness and the limitless potential that is within each and every one of us - and that being successful in life is all about having the proper belief system in who you are, and truly believing that you are someone unique. 
Home of Yoga has a gorgeous logo, and you, too, can represent Kerri McCubben’s Home of Yoga by purchasing a tee or tank. And did you know that our tees roll up to make the most perfect stocking stuffers?

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Birthday Blessings

Two days ago, I celebrated my 43rd birthday. It happened to fall on a Monday, which does not exactly feel like a celebratory day. Not to mention, as a school teacher, I had just returned to work after a long weekend of spending time with my family. My son came home from college for only the second time, and we all shared a wonderful, relaxing time before having to drive him back.
The first day back to work after Thanksgiving break felt much like any other Monday. I did not announce to anyone that it was my birthday, and only my close friends came by my office to wish me a happy day. The age '43' did not seem like any great milestone, but rather one of those 'in-between' years. 
I had one wish for my day, and that was to attend yoga class later that evening at my favorite studio, Lotus Yoga Loft. Taking that class would be my luxurious gift. When I finally arrived on my mat, I felt content. To my surprise, Jenese began the class with a beautiful poem by Leza Lowitz, our friend, poet, and Featured Studio owner of Sun & Moon Yoga in Tokyo. I was reminded through Leza's art that we are all archaeologists, gradually mining our buried jewels through our practice. Jenese continued to lead us through a beautiful, restorative practice. That particular evening, I had the honor of being in the company of many of her Yoga Teachers in Training (YTTs). YTTs always bring a profound energy to any class, as they are in the midst of their intensive study, and they are acutely attuned to all facets of yoga. The awareness, passion, and curiosity that they bring is palpable within the walls of the studio. Not to mention, Jenese's music, which includes contagious Latin beats and an addictive disco version of Neil Young's Harvest Moon, brings such a fun vibe to the practice! 
I am so grateful for Jenese, her exquisite studio space, and, as always, her beautiful class and teachings. I also honor Leza, who lives on the other side of the globe, yet she, too, is offering her own beautiful classes and teachings. Her poetry, which seems to find me when I am least expecting it - but perhaps needing it most - rests in the seat of my heart always. And lastly, I am grateful for the YTTs. My birthday prayer is that they, too, will soon be spreading the same love and good energy as Jenese and Leza. 
Until next time,

Jenese Martinez of Lotus Yoga Loft in Pine Island, NY
Leza Lowitz of Sun & Moon Yoga in Tokyo, Japan

Sunday, November 12, 2017

RYST Holiday Gift Guide

It's that time of year again! Wondering what gifts to buy for your favorite yogis? Have no fear! Real Yoga Studio Tshirts is here - and we have some perfect recommendations just for you!

1. Our favorite yoga tees~
A 12-month subscription to Your loved one will receive a new, super-soft, Tri-blend tee with a hand-curated logo from an actual yoga studio every month! Also included is a free gift inside every monthly package, and a logo tee as a member perk. That's 13 yoga tops to keep your yogi in fresh yoga wear all year long! The best part? For a limited time use our special promo code REALYOGA for $25 off. $173

2. Our favorite yoga pants~
Hot Pant by Teeki (styles shown are CloudsPheonix Rising)
These pants have a high and low waistband option that is elastic free so they won't cut into you. Wear to yoga or a night out on the town. Four-way stretch to expand with your muscles in all movement, elastic free, breathable to reach the highest peaks, chafe resistant and antibacterial. 
79% Recycled P.E.T. / 21% Spandex. Made with love in the USA. $72     

3. Our favorite read~
Spiritual Graffiti: Finding my True Path by MC Yogi
Read about international Hip Hop star MC Yogi's remarkable transformation through yoga and music. A truly inspiring read. $14.37

4. Our favorite yoga mat~
A Magic Carpet yoga mat made to look like traditional Kilim woven rugs. A beautiful place to bring one's practice. Child safe, Earth friendly, and made in the USA. $98

5. Our favorite yoga equipment~
The Dharma Yoga Wheel, designed to help stretch and release tension and muscular tightness in the back, chest, shoulders, abdomen and hip flexors. $39.99

6. Our favorite yoga retreat~
Shree Yoga Eco Retreat: Into the Heart (June 22-29, 2018)
Journey into the heart of Celtic culture and spirituality at Ard Nahoo, a world-class, award-winning Eco Retreat set in the wild green hills of Ireland. Delve into the mystery of ancient Celtic traditions, goddesses and rituals that offer an experience that will connect the soul with land and nature, as you visit sacred and historical sites. Yoga practice will be led twice daily by Chaya of Shree Yoga. $1749

7. Our favorite stocking stuffer~
A one-time RYST purchase of one of our beautiful logo tees from ANY of the studios we have featured. Zero commitment, no membership required. $20

8. Our favorite 'Get Healthy' yoga gift~
A class pack from your local yoga studio. Yoga studios are everywhere, but it takes very special people - studio owners and practicing members - with a commitment to yoga to keep them up and running. Support global yoga by attending classes locally. 

Happy shopping!
Until next time, 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

November Featured Studios - Our First Double Feature!

Happy November, RYST followers! Today marks the very first time RYST has ever featured more than one Studio of the Month. We have Heart Space Yoga in St. Johnsbury, VT and Yoga Harmony of Nashville, TN. 
Please go to our site,, to learn more about these studios, and be sure to check out their GREAT new logos!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Journey to St. Johnsbury, Vermont

It is quite possible that Vermont is the most beautiful place on Earth, and that is why it was very important for us to showcase a studio there. Our most recent studio road trip took us to a town called St. Johnsbury, located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont that borders Canada. The autumn leaves shone in jewel tones against the bright blue sky, and the mountains were so tall that the clouds lingered around them, unable to make their way over. As the open highways brought us more and more north, we spotted covered bridges, tiny villages, old mill towns along rivers, and bright white church steeples piercing through the foliage. Every new mile marker brought a new sight to behold. 
When we eventually made it to our destination, Heart Space Yoga, we had the pleasure of meeting with owner and head yoga instructor, Andrea Thibaudeau. Andrea recently returned from a week-long retreat at an ashram in Portland, OR. Although she was still getting back into the rhythm of her everyday life after being away, she graciously invited us to meet with her and visit her studio, which we found to be among the most beautiful ones we have ever set foot in. We were also introduced to Ashley Warwick, who teaches at Heart Space as well, and was just finishing her class when we arrived. You can imagine our amazement and delight when we learned that she was a teacher at Black Dog Yoga Studio in L.A. - our SECOND Featured Studio back in May! And not only that - Andrea told us she is friendly with Amanda Giacomini and MC Yogi, and recently visited them when she was out west! We continue to marvel at how widespread yet interconnected our yoga community is!
Heart Space Yoga will be featured in November, along with Yoga Harmony Nashville on our site. This is the first time that we are featuring more than one studio at a time, as we continue to expand in response to interest.
Finally, thank you again to Happy Belly Studios of Houston, TX for being our October Featured Studio. There is still time to purchase your own Happy Belly tee, currently shown on our homepage. It is undoubtedly the cutest logo we have ever seen!
Ashley Warwick and Andrea Thibaudeau
Heart Space Yoga ~ St. Johnsbury, VT

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Our Featured Studio of October

We are pleased to announce that our Featured Studio of the Month of October is Happy Belly Studios of Houston, Texas. Happy Belly Studios is a private Pilates, yoga and wellness studio in Oak Forest. They offer personalized attention that allows their instructors to focus on individual clients' needs for the best, most direct possible workout. From assisted stretching, Pilates and yoga private sessions to meditation and nutrition coaching, Happy Belly Studios offers an all-encompassing approach to health.
Happy Belly Studios was flooded by Hurricane Harvey in late August, which left most of Houston underwater. The owners, Tasha and Michele, were able to rebuild and re-open, which is all the more reason to celebrate the existence of this wonderful studio. Please check out our site at to see pictures of the space, and get your Happy Belly Tshirt today!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Spiritual Graffiti Book Tour & Yoga Class led by MC Yogi

This past week, Dan and I took a trip to Hoboken, NJ to take a class led by MC Yogi. The class was held at Devotion Yoga in a very old and very statuesque building. When we arrived, the studio was filled with what seemed like fifty or sixty yogis on mats placed only about six inches apart. Like us, all of these people had jumped at the chance to practice with this nationally-known yoga teacher, hip hop superstar, and author.
MC Yogi did not disappoint. He was a wonderful instructor, and he led a beautiful class as his wife, Amanda Giacomini, assisted. They were both knowledgeable and experienced, and it was obvious that their intent was to make the practice of yoga fun. I found myself laughing and filled with inner joy among a group of strangers as we clapped our hands and snapped our fingers to their upbeat music and bopped to the beat, lunging up and down in Warrior II. MC Yogi was able to create a happy, relaxed community while keeping us challenged and supported by his direction.
After his seventy-five minute class, which concluded with a delicious savasana, we remained on our mats as he read an excerpt from his recently-published book, Spiritual Graffiti. He went on to share his personal story of how he found yoga during a time in his life when he least expected it. He also shared how he met his wife Amanda while they were both in yoga teacher training in San Francisco. It made me think about how everyone seems to have their own special story of how they found yoga - or how yoga found them - and how that marks the beginning of a very personal journey.
After a short Q & A session, we rolled up our mats and headed into the lobby to have our books signed. MC Yogi was gracious enough to have pictures taken with us and chat for a bit. We also had the honor of showing Amanda the Sun & Moon Tshirts we made up for Leza Lowitz's studio showcase this month. Amanda was the artist and creator of the Sun & Moon logo, and she reminisced about how, at the time, the bamboo motif in her curtains had inspired her logo design. Dan and I are so excited to send her and MC Yogi Sun & Moon Tshirts of their own.
After another book signing in D.C., MC Yogi and Amanda will be heading back to their own little studio in Point Reyes, CA, where they teach every day. We are so grateful to have met and practiced with them a mere hour from our home town. We have Leza Lowitz to thank for introducing us, long after we found out we had been on Santa Monica Pier during MC Yogi's concert and had our photo taken in front of a mural from Amanda's 10,000 Buddhas Project during our trip to California back in Spring. We also found another mural of Amanda's during our trip to Asheville, prior to having the honor of meeting her. We are amazed by the release of good energy since the start of our project, and all that continues to transpire. We are forever in gratitude to Leza Lowitz and her studio, Sun & Moon Yoga, and the positive vibrations that emanate - all the way from Japan!
Till next time, Namaste.

Our December Featured Studio

Our Featured Studio of December is Home of Yoga New Farm in Queensland, Australia! We are so pleased to represent Kerri McCubben’s beautiful...