Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Shared Benefits of Drumming and Yoga

Yesterday I brought my high school art students to our annual Teen Arts Festival, a fun-filled day of visual and performing arts workshops held at our local community college. When one of my students invited me to join in an African Drum Circle workshop, I jumped at the chance to try something new.
Little did I know how amazing this experience would be. After learning some interesting cultural facts about ancient African drumming traditions, it was time for us to start playing the beautifully adorned djembe drums placed around the room. The word 'djembe' originates from a saying that translates to 'everyone gather together in peace.'
Along with the students, I learned the hand positions used to make varied sounds on the thin veil of stretched goatskin. The importance of breath was emphasized to find our rhythm, and we were encouraged to focus on the sound of only our own drums, so as not to lose the beat. This is easier said than done, but I tried my best to meditate on only the pulse of my instrument, and before I knew it, I was in a trance, under the spell of the repetitious sound filling the room. Time slipped away, and I found myself in complete resonance with my shared community. After an hour or more of drumming, I felt alert and alive yet deeply relaxed, and my heart felt full of joy. Any blockages had melted away, and I could feel light radiating from my spirit. My students, too, were bright eyed and smiling, as they begged me to start a drum circle at our school. This communal sharing of what is ingrained in us from the dawn of our existence moved us all to another mental and emotional realm. The energy was contagious, as people crowded around our circle and shuffled to the beat.
As I reflect, I see so many parallels between drumming and the shared practice of yoga. In Greek, the word rhythm means to flow. Much like the physical practice of yoga, drumming provides a path of healing. It guides us into experiencing the flow of our minds and emotions, helping us to learn more about our souls.
Anyone of any age can drum, and believe me when I tell you that you do not even need to be good at keeping time in order to reap the benefits. To connect with yourself invites release, restoration and healing. Free from words, drumming provides a universal language that invites all people to be a part of something greater than the sum of its parts, and experience life with an open heart.
When I attended the Asheville Yoga Festival last summer, I witnessed a large group of children drumming together with sticks on upturned buckets. Again, as in yoga, to drum requires no fancy equipment, and with a little creativity, any basic object can serve as a percussion instrument. Both drumming and yoga open our channels of creativity and tap into the joyful spirit of our inner child.
If ever your local yoga studio hosts a drum circle, or you have an opportunity to begin one of your own, I encourage you to try this ancient and universal medium with an open heart and an open mind.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Our Featured Studio of March is here!

Our Featured Studio of March is Telluride Yoga Center of Telluride, Colorado. Located in the majestic San Juan mountains of Southwest Colorado, and founded in 1999, this space provides a sanctuary for yoga and other spiritual practices. A variety of classes is led by talented instructors and host workshops with internationally respected teachers throughout the year.
The shala has been at the heart of the Telluride community ever since. Owners Kristin Taylor and Albert Roer are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for all. The energy of their studio is often noted as people step over the threshold - "it's magical!"
If you are ever in the Telluride area, be sure to experience the one of a kind experience that Telluride Yoga Center offers. See pictures of this beautiful space and find soft logo tees and tanks at our site,

 The Nugget Building

  Kristin Taylor and Albert Roer- Owners since 2011

Monday, February 19, 2018

Our February Featured Studio

Our February featured studio is Sweet Peace Yoga of St. Louis, Missouri. 

Located inside a Landmark Historical Building in Kirkwood - a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri - Sweet Peace is ready to share its peaceful space with you! 

Liz Roodman, owner of Sweet Peace Yoga, received her Yoga Teacher Training through the tutelage of Pam Schulte of "Just Practice Yoga" in 2012. The first 100 hours of this training focused on Ashtanga Yoga and the second 100 hours emphasized Hatha & Vinyasa yoga styles. Liz has practiced Occupational Therapy and has specialized in hand therapy for over 30 years. She is respectful of maturing joints, while still improving balance, strength, and flexibility. Click the link to take a photo tour of this beautiful space and see how this month we are offering TWO different shirt colors in tanks, short sleeve tees, and long sleeve tees!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Manipura - The Third Chakra

Manipura, the Solar Plexus chakra, is associated with the color yellow, and is in the third position of our subtle energy anatomy. It is associated with the following psychological and behavioral functions:

  • Expression of will
  • Intellectual abilities
  • The “accounting mind” that categorizes everything, assesses the pluses and minuses in life
  • Personal power
  • Ability to establish ideas and plans into reality
  • At higher levels, it conveys wisdom
The main function of this energy center, located between the navel and base of the chest, provides the momentum needed to move forward and realize our personal desires. It plays a prominent role in our control over our personal power. It helps us to find direction in life and determine the actions to take in order to reach our goals. It has influence on preoccupations about social status and self-image.
If you are struggling with personal insecurity or a disharmony between your personal power and healthy relationships with others, it may be an indicator that there is an imbalance in the third chakra. This can adversely affect your self-esteem and social life.
Imbalances in the third chakra can manifest as:
  • Excessive control and authority over your environment and other people
  • Or the opposite in case of deficiency or blocked energy: Feeling of helplessness, irresponsibility
  • Being obsessed with minute details, seeing life through a filter of plus and minuses while losing sight of the whole picture
  • Being manipulative
  • Misusing your power
  • Lack of clear direction, lack of purpose or ambition
  • Making plans or having a lot of ideas without finding efficient ways to realize them
When the Solar Plexus chakra is balanced, you may:
  • Be assertive with a positive intention
  • Exert your will in a way that leads to the expected results somewhat effortlessly
  • Have harmonious relationships with those around you
  • Refuse to let others rob you of your positive energy

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

7 Things Mindful People Do Differently

As yoga practitioners, we are no strangers to practicing mindfulness, both on and off the mat. In a rather precarious world, it is heartening to know that mindfulness is becoming a familiar word in our schools, workplaces, and homes, and that people of all ages and walks of life are learning and practicing simple mindfulness techniques. It is proven that very small shifts in our thinking can benefit our own well-being, and ripple out to others' as well. Here is a wonderful list compiled by Elisha Goldstein, Ph. D.

7 Things Mindful People Do Differently

1. Approach everyday things with curiosity - and savor them

2. Forgive their mistakes - big or small

3. Show gratitude for good moments - and grace for bad ones

4. Practice compassion, and nurture connections

5. Make peace with imperfections - inside and out

6. Embrace vulnerability by trusting others - and themselves

7. Accept - and appreciate - that things come and go

Until next time,

Monday, January 1, 2018

The Year in Review and a NEW Featured Studio

Happy New Year, Real Yoga Studio Tshirt followers! As we move into 2018, we take this time to pause and reflect on the past year. Our company, which originated in April 2017, is not even a year old yet we can hardly believe all the blessings that this experience has brought.
Among some of the highlights were honoring The Breathing Room Center as our first feature, the studio nearest and dearest to my heart where I earned my Yoga Teacher certification. We also traveled to L.A. to feature Black Dog Yoga, where Dan experienced his very first yoga class. We went on to follow part of the yoga festival circuit too, including Wanderlust 108 on Santa Monica Pier, The Asheville Yoga Festival in Asheville, NC, and Ahimsa Yoga Festival at Hunter Mountain, NY. We even traveled to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont near the U.S./Canadian border, where we visited Heart Space Yoga, our November featured studio. 
We have met so many interesting and amazing people along the way, and through it all, we realized just how tight-knit yet expansive our shared yoga community is. We have pen palled with author and Sun & Moon Yoga Studio owner Leza Lowitz in Tokyo, Japan, met and practiced with hip-hop artist MC YOGI and his wife, Amanda Giacomini of Point Reyes, CA, and shared ideas and good energy with countless yogis in classes, at festivals, and on social media.
Of course, none of this would have been possible without the trust bestowed upon us by our collaborating studio owners and loyal customers. Most importantly, we are grateful for our inner circle of family and friends who continue to support us in our quest to bring awareness to the sanctuaries that offer a peaceful space in which to practice yoga. As we look ahead, our New Year's wish is to continue to grow, reach more people, and bring light to many more studios. 
Our January featured studio is Be.Yoga of Avon, CT, owned by Kristin Cork. Please take a photo tour of this most beautiful and enchanting space:

We are also excited to announce that we now offer women's Tri-blend long sleeve tees. Feel free to shop our site for all of our Archived Featured Studio logos by clicking this link:

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Our December Featured Studio

Our Featured Studio of December is Home of Yoga New Farm in Queensland, Australia! We are so pleased to represent Kerri McCubben’s beautiful space. It is a spiritual and special place dedicated to the unification of yoga, holistic health and consciousness. More than 25 classes per week are led by a variety of world-class practitioners, and classes cater to all levels, from beginner to long term dedicated practitioners. This unique, refreshing space offers an exciting opportunity to clear the mind and transform the body and soul to an energetic vibrant life. At Home of Yoga, there is emphasis on community, togetherness and the limitless potential that is within each and every one of us - and that being successful in life is all about having the proper belief system in who you are, and truly believing that you are someone unique. 
Home of Yoga has a gorgeous logo, and you, too, can represent Kerri McCubben’s Home of Yoga by purchasing a tee or tank. And did you know that our tees roll up to make the most perfect stocking stuffers?

The Shared Benefits of Drumming and Yoga

Yesterday I brought my high school art students to our annual Teen Arts Festival, a fun-filled day of visual and performing arts workshops h...