Sunday, April 16, 2017

You CAN Have it All

Have you ever been in a yoga class and something that the teacher said happened to truly resonate with you? It happened to me yesterday. Polly, of Change Yoga Studio in Jamaica, VT, was in the middle of leading us through utkatanasa when she said, "You CAN have it all - the challenge of the pose, as well as the joy of the pose." As everyone in the class struggled to go deeper, pressing the heads of our thigh bones parallel to the floor and stand firmly in our feet, we tried our best to lift our rib cages, open our hearts and reach our arms skyward - all the while relaxing our shoulders and focusing on the breath. With all of this thinking and trying to perfect each pose, we sometimes forget to sink into the samadhi, or meditative bliss of the pose. We sometimes have to remind ourselves to do one or the other - to try to perfect, or else enjoy the sensations that come up. I started to consider 'having it all' in a different way. We tend to think of 'having it all' as being synonymous with having many possessions and much good fortune in life; but what about describing 'having it all' as opening the door to the frustrations along with the joys, the precariousness along with the balance, and unknowing along with the knowing? I am constantly learning new things about life from my yoga practice, my journey, which, by the way, is not always smooth. It informs me, reminds me to look at things in new ways, stay humble, and feel gratitude. So, with an open heart, I invite you, too, to embrace the idea of 'having it all', and remember all that 'all' entails.

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