Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Meet Erin & Dan

Our partnership consists of two people who at first appear to be complete opposites! I am an art teacher and certified yoga instructor who thinks cerebrally, and has always allowed intuition to lead her way. Dan, on the other hand, is an Information Technology expert, and pretty much knows how to operate and fix all things technological. He sees the world in a logical/analytical way. Our paths crossed at the high school where I teach Art and he is the IT guy, and I asked him if he would partner up in this venture.
So you can imagine our surprise when we started working on this project together and realized how differently we go about doing things - only to arrive at the same point! I dream, while he sets a plan. I draw and doodle, while he makes graphs. I see ‘big picture,’ while he takes care of all the moving parts. It did not take long for us to really come to respect each other’s  thinking styles and see that together we make a pretty fantastic team!
Not only is Dan a wonderful partner, but he is also the husband of a fellow yoga practitioner and friend. When I first told him about my Real Yoga Studio Tshirt idea, he said his wife had just mentioned that she was having difficulty finding authentic, luxurious, superior quality yoga tees. It was then that we shared a moment of serendipity, and that was the start of our grassroots venture.
Dan and I have a shared belief that everyone who practices yoga should feel comfortable in the softest, most  beautiful, quality Tshirts. We also want to support and yoga studios both near and far, and promote free trade sustainable clothing companies.  We hope you will join us in our growing Real Yoga Studio Tshirt Community, and tell your friends about us, too!

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