Saturday, May 20, 2017

Our Upcoming JUNE Featured Studio of the Month is in Orange County, New York!

Our upcoming Featured Studio of the Month of June is located in Southern Orange County, New York. One of the most beautiful areas in our country, this farming hamlet is called 'The Black Dirt Region,' since the soil is extremely dark and perfect for growing onions. When I first visited this studio, I was struck by the gorgeous decor and general feel of the space. Natural light floods in through vast windows that look out onto black dirt rows lining emerald fields. An almost endless sky eventually falls over a distant range of mountains. What a view for a drishte!
I recently had the luxury of experiencing a Sunday morning Yin Class here. Yin Yoga is a more passive style of practice that brings emphasis to the connective tissue of the lower body, including the hips, pelvis, and sacral region of the spine. It accesses areas closer to the bone as the muscles begin to fully relax and soften over the course of long hold times. Do not be fooled - passive yoga is not exactly easy! Even as a seasoned practitioner, I found great challenge in the extended hold times, often up to a few minutes long. Practicing in this way allowed me to go deeper, and take time to observe the breath and the various bodily sensations that came up in each asana. Through my practice, I learned to surrender to my witness mind, as I softened into a mini- meditation within each pose.The class was sealed in with a delicious, fully-supported savasana, complete with bolsters, blocks, and blankets. Ahh, blissful.
Dan and I are so grateful to be associated with this studio. Its logo, a bright red lotus with a turquoise hummingbird hovering above, displays the exquisite beauty and eye-catching aesthetic that we seek out for our Tshirts and tank tops. We cannot WAIT to unveil the studio name and logo to you, so please stay tuned! We feel so fortunate to increase public awareness of breathtaking yoga studios such as this one. We are sure you will agree that June's showcased studio is a shining example of beauty, creativity, and wonderful energy.

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