Sunday, May 7, 2017

Real Yoga Studio Tshirts MAY Newsletter

Greetings from!

Since we began our endeavor, Dan and I have had the honor of working with many amazing people, and enjoyed visiting many beautiful studios. We are so heartened by the support and positive feedback we have received from everyone who has learned about the community we have begun.

When I think about the meaning of yoga, which means ‘yoke’ or ‘union’, I am reminded of the importance of community. As humans, we live through countless universal experiences, and so many of those experiences are enhanced by the sharing of them. Have you ever been in a yoga class with only one or two people versus a group of forty or fifty? Or did you ever feel the energy that is brought about by chanting OM alone versus repeating it over and over again within a large group? The resulting vibration of energy in a larger group is undeniably profound, and I am always astounded by its power. Those are just a couple examples that come to mind when I consider the potential and vitality that is possible through the channels of community.

So, as our Real Yoga Studio Tshirt community continues to grow, and more and more studio owners show excitement over being showcased on our site, the good energy grows and our passion for our shared project deepens. We feel so proud and honored to support, celebrate, and promote yoga studios all over the world. We truly believe in our mission.

As a yoga teacher myself, it was extremely important that our very first Featured Studio of the Month was the Breathing Room Center in Blairstown, NJ, because it is where I completed my yoga teacher training and earned YTT certification. Cheryl Paulson, the owner of the Breathing Room Center, has a giant and loving heart, and was onboard with the idea right from the start.

Just look at what she wrote in her own newsletter, Breathing Room Bits:

Attention Yoga Lovers:
I am writing to tell you some exciting news that comes from a former YTT student, Erin Meyers.

My friend Erin recently launched an online venture to promote yoga studios all over the planet - and the practice of yoga in general.

Each month one selected yoga studio will be showcased, with a uniquely designed T-shirt, photos and write-up on the site:

As a fellow yoga-lover joining this monthly subscription community, you will receive a soft, 100% cotton T-shirt each month, featuring the logo of that studio and its location. Here's the most exciting part: Breathing Room is the featured kick-off studio!

"I am SO honored to showcase Breathing Room Center for so many reasons," says Erin, "but most importantly, it is where I earned my YT certification. And of course, anyone who has ever seen the BRC knows it takes the cake as far as gorgeous studios go! Cheryl's radiant and positive energy is exactly what we envisioned for this project, and she was so supportive of our idea! Thank you, Cheryl!"
Believe me, the honor is all mine, Erin. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing the ripples that come out of Breathing Room's wave, and I am happy to support this project. So please do check it out! Go to the website & sign up to receive the debut T-shirt, featuring Breathing Room Center.

Imagine the surprise of finding a special tee from an ACTUAL yoga studio in your mailbox EVERY month! Join the growing members list & visit the site for free gift ~

Thanks to all, and thanks to Erin for your beauty, art & inspiration.


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Cheryl’s studio can be seen in our Featured Studio Catalog link, and you can still purchase a limited addition Real Yoga Studio Tshirt as seen above from the Breathing Room Center.

We are currently featuring Black Dog Yoga in Sherman Oaks, California, as showcased on our site. Please see our blog to learn more about our trip California for our Black Dog photo shoot,

Next up, in June, we will feature a gorgeous studio in Pine Island, NY. And just TODAY, the universe connected us with our July Featured Studio in Seattle (details to follow soon). I do not think we could be any more excited right now!

So please spread the word about and share our Facebook and Instagram pages with your fellow yogis. We are grateful to be in collaboration with such a beautiful and thriving global yoga community, and we cannot wait to expand.

The light in me honors the light in you ~



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