Monday, May 29, 2017

Your Sharing Grows Studio Awareness

Greetings, Real Yoga Newsletter Followers,

We are currently sending this letter out to yoga studios around the globe. If you would like to have a hand in helping us, then please copy and paste it, and share it with your favorite studios as well, either through e-mail or social media. We are so grateful for the sharing that has taken place already, as our grassroots movement continues to grow within our global yoga community.

Dear Yoga Studio Owners & Instructors ~ is currently offering a free, 3-month subscription giveaway to the studio that generates the most member sign-ups through July 1st. The goal is to promote yoga studios near and far, and their subscribers serve as walking advertisement as they fashion authentic logos from actual yoga studios! All you need to do is share their site on your social media accounts and studio newsletters, and ask that your followers add your studio name to 'notes' section on the checkout page when they subscribe. They may use code 'BLISS' for 1/2 off. That's only $11 for a gorgeous and well-made tee with a hand-curated studio logo!

The studio with the most subscribers will be notified by email, and mentioned on their social media accounts and the website - and they will receive 3 free membership tees. Join the movement, and help spread the yoga.
Thank you, and Namaste 🙏 

Till next week.
In gratitude,
Erin & Dan
P.S. Do you know of a studio we should consider for one of our Featured Studios of the Month? Drop us a note!

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