Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sun and Moon Yoga, our September Showcase

Having the opportunity to feature Sun and Moon Yoga of Tokyo during the month of September is truly an honor. I must admit, I am a little starstruck since finding out that Leza Lowitz, one of my favorite yoga book authors, is the owner and head instructor of the studio. 
Some of you may remember earlier this year when I blogged about poetry and yoga. I happened to reference one of Leza's books, Yoga Poems: Lines to Unfold By, a sweet little book that lives in my yoga teaching basket, one I often use to seal in the practices of my classes. You can imagine my surprise when I reached out to Sun and Moon Yoga and saw who had emailed back! I could not believe that I had become a pen pal with one of my yoga heroes - not to mention all the way from Japan! Among many subjects of our conversations, Leza shared that her studio logo was designed by world-renowned artist and Yogi, Amanda Giacomini, who has dedicated her life to uplifting people and creating more beauty in the world through yoga and art. Wow! Also exciting, since Dan and I had had our photo taken at our first yoga festival in front of Amanda's art at Wanderlust 108 on Santa Monica Pier, as well as in Asheville when we attended the yoga festival there.
To add even more magic to this story, Amanda Giacomini is the wife of hip-hop musician MC Yogi, who teaches yoga and performs all over the world. So naturally, Dan and I jumped at the chance to attend MC Yogi's Urban Retreat yoga class and new book-signing celebration in Hoboken this month. 
We are so grateful to know and work with Leza Lowitz and Sun and Moon Yoga, as well as her amazing circle of people. The good energy that has transpired from our partnership is yet another reminder of how far-reaching and positive our worldwide yoga community is.
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P.S. Sun and Moon shirts featuring Amanda's logo design can now be purchased on our site. They are beautiful!

Leza Lowitz, owner of Sun and Moon Yoga and author of Yoga Poems: Lines to Unfold By, as well as many other books

Amanda Giacomini, Yogi and world-renowned artist

MC Yogi, hip-hop star, Yogi, and author of Spiritual Graffiti: Finding my True Path

Here we are in front of Amanda Giacomini's Art in Santa Monica, CA

Here is Dan, in front of of Amanda Giacomini's Art in Asheville, NC
Our Featured Studio of September Tshirt

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