Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Journey to St. Johnsbury, Vermont

It is quite possible that Vermont is the most beautiful place on Earth, and that is why it was very important for us to showcase a studio there. Our most recent studio road trip took us to a town called St. Johnsbury, located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont that borders Canada. The autumn leaves shone in jewel tones against the bright blue sky, and the mountains were so tall that the clouds lingered around them, unable to make their way over. As the open highways brought us more and more north, we spotted covered bridges, tiny villages, old mill towns along rivers, and bright white church steeples piercing through the foliage. Every new mile marker brought a new sight to behold. 
When we eventually made it to our destination, Heart Space Yoga, we had the pleasure of meeting with owner and head yoga instructor, Andrea Thibaudeau. Andrea recently returned from a week-long retreat at an ashram in Portland, OR. Although she was still getting back into the rhythm of her everyday life after being away, she graciously invited us to meet with her and visit her studio, which we found to be among the most beautiful ones we have ever set foot in. We were also introduced to Ashley Warwick, who teaches at Heart Space as well, and was just finishing her class when we arrived. You can imagine our amazement and delight when we learned that she was a teacher at Black Dog Yoga Studio in L.A. - our SECOND Featured Studio back in May! And not only that - Andrea told us she is friendly with Amanda Giacomini and MC Yogi, and recently visited them when she was out west! We continue to marvel at how widespread yet interconnected our yoga community is!
Heart Space Yoga will be featured in November, along with Yoga Harmony Nashville on our site. This is the first time that we are featuring more than one studio at a time, as we continue to expand in response to interest.
Finally, thank you again to Happy Belly Studios of Houston, TX for being our October Featured Studio. There is still time to purchase your own Happy Belly tee, currently shown on our homepage. It is undoubtedly the cutest logo we have ever seen!
Ashley Warwick and Andrea Thibaudeau
Heart Space Yoga ~ St. Johnsbury, VT

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