Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Birthday Blessings

Two days ago, I celebrated my 43rd birthday. It happened to fall on a Monday, which does not exactly feel like a celebratory day. Not to mention, as a school teacher, I had just returned to work after a long weekend of spending time with my family. My son came home from college for only the second time, and we all shared a wonderful, relaxing time before having to drive him back.
The first day back to work after Thanksgiving break felt much like any other Monday. I did not announce to anyone that it was my birthday, and only my close friends came by my office to wish me a happy day. The age '43' did not seem like any great milestone, but rather one of those 'in-between' years. 
I had one wish for my day, and that was to attend yoga class later that evening at my favorite studio, Lotus Yoga Loft. Taking that class would be my luxurious gift. When I finally arrived on my mat, I felt content. To my surprise, Jenese began the class with a beautiful poem by Leza Lowitz, our friend, poet, and Featured Studio owner of Sun & Moon Yoga in Tokyo. I was reminded through Leza's art that we are all archaeologists, gradually mining our buried jewels through our practice. Jenese continued to lead us through a beautiful, restorative practice. That particular evening, I had the honor of being in the company of many of her Yoga Teachers in Training (YTTs). YTTs always bring a profound energy to any class, as they are in the midst of their intensive study, and they are acutely attuned to all facets of yoga. The awareness, passion, and curiosity that they bring is palpable within the walls of the studio. Not to mention, Jenese's music, which includes contagious Latin beats and an addictive disco version of Neil Young's Harvest Moon, brings such a fun vibe to the practice! 
I am so grateful for Jenese, her exquisite studio space, and, as always, her beautiful class and teachings. I also honor Leza, who lives on the other side of the globe, yet she, too, is offering her own beautiful classes and teachings. Her poetry, which seems to find me when I am least expecting it - but perhaps needing it most - rests in the seat of my heart always. And lastly, I am grateful for the YTTs. My birthday prayer is that they, too, will soon be spreading the same love and good energy as Jenese and Leza. 
Until next time,

Jenese Martinez of Lotus Yoga Loft in Pine Island, NY
Leza Lowitz of Sun & Moon Yoga in Tokyo, Japan

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